About Cosmonaut

Is Cosmonaut finished?

Now that we’ve completed our first year, our team are taking a break. We’ll announce on our social channels when we’re ready to start work on our second series of issues.

Our Patreon page will be back online when we launch our second series.

Is it free?

Yes, Cosmonaut is a completely free download. Our current issue and all our archive issues are available to download or view for free from our website.

Do you do dev interviews?

Cosmonaut is written from an in-universe perspective; it is roleplay journalism. As such, we wouldn’t interview a dev about their work making Star Citizen. We might, however, interview them as pilots within the Star Citizen universe!

Can you feature me/my org?

Yes! We are a player-driven magazine, and want to tell players’ stories. We have to prioritise what we feature, however, as we have a finite amount of space and time. We look for stories that are relevant or interesting to a wide sample of players.

I have an idea for a story. How can I tell you about it?

Use the submission portal on our website. Please outline your idea, including any necessary links to source material.

Can I get a print copy?

Yes! We have a Patreon page set up — if you join at the ‘Cosmonaut’ or ‘Collector’ tier we will print and post you a copy of the magazine.

Can I get the magazine printed on demand?

We have looked into this and sadly, because the format of the magazine is landscape A4, it doesn’t make sense to do it.

How often do you publish new issues?

Cosmonaut is published once a month, usually on the third Friday.

Can I get the magazine in my language?

Currently Cosmonaut is an English-language magazine. We’ve had a lot of requests for localisations, and we’d love to be able to do it — but it’s not as simple as just asking someone to translate it.

The translated articles would need to be laid out by the designers all over again, as the paragraphs would be different lengths — effectively doubling our work. Also, for print copies, we’d need to order a new print run for every localisation, and our print runs are already very expensive.

Do you publish fan fiction?

No, generally we don’t. There is plenty of really brilliant fan fiction elsewhere in the Star Citizen community, so we focus on roleplay journalism instead.

I’d like to join the Cosmonaut team.

We like to keep the team small, so membership is by invitation only. But feel free to send examples of your work (whether photography, articles, art or design) through to — it’s always great to make contact with other creatives!